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• Apply for National Accreditation

Minimum Standards

Anyone can apply to become a part of the register.

Anyone who can certify that they meet the benchmark minimum standards may apply to be admitted to the Register under the Australian National Mediator Standards or registration requirements for Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners, and these benchmark standards will be reflected in your profile.

Mediators who work for a service or panel can give the contact details for their service. Mediators working in various spheres can have more than one entry. Mediators who have undertaken mediation training courses and practice in dispute resolution that are not covered by the above-mentioned standards may also apply to the Register.

The Australian National Mediator Standards have set minimum standards for the accreditation system covering:

Adequate training from a team of trainers with appropriate experience;
• A requirement for some form of initial mentoring or co-mediating to gain experience;
• Post-training Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and practice support;
• Adherence to an appropriate code of conduct;
• An appropriate system for addressing concerns and handling complaints;
• Appropriate Indemnity Insurance.

Registration Fees

The standard inclusive fee, per registration, irrespective of how many entries a mediator makes on this Register is $110.00 (inclusive of GST) for this coming year.

A reduced registration rate of $55.00 (inclusive of GST) is available only to mediators working solely with mediation organisations that are primarily Family Relationship Centres (FRC) or a not-for-profit (NFP) organisation.

Mediators will be invited to select the appropriate rate when they enter their details. An email with an invoice will be sent to the mediator. Mediators' details will only appear on the Register when payment of the registration fee is received.

We will send you an email when the fee has been received and your entry has been posted on the Register. The email will ask that you check the entry and keep it up to date.


This entry will remain on the Register for a year. An email will be sent to you in 11 months asking you to update your details including your CPD record for the previous year.

If you do not do this and do not pay the registration fee for the next year, your entry will be removed from the Register.

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